Hello and welcome to my site. I am both an abstract artist and artistic photographer.

As an abstract artist I strive for total abstraction without reference to anything recognizable. My aim is for the viewer to achieve an aesthetic experience without concern for subject.

As a photographer I like to work with both colour and black and white. Black and white is like an attitude and a different way of looking at things. There is an indescribable magic in black and white that is impossible to explain, it is the shadows and the highlights, in the details and in the mystique. Black and white treads that fine line between reality and fantasy.​  On the other hand I feel that stunning colour imagery is best served on a wide scale and consequently all my colour images are in a panoramic format with a generous mat board width and a beautiful selection of timber frame colours.


All my photography is limited edition and is sold fully framed & ready to hang on 300gsm cotton rag paper or 450gsm American canvas. I also digitally sign & number each print,

There are four photographic galleries :

  1. Colour panoramic images printed on cotton rag paper
  2. Black & white images printed on canvas
  3. Black & white square format images printed on cotton rag paper
  4. Black & white landscape format images printed on cotton rag paper

My work is also available from the two major curated art & photography online sites in Australia should you wish to purchase from them :


My work can be purchased unframed or framed either from this site or from two major curated online sites :


Complete & submit the "Order Form" once you have made your selection. I will then reply with a confirmation invoice with details of the two available payment options (Bank Transfer or Paypal).

Do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions :
Email (geoffbirrell@aol.com)
Mobile (0413996646)




Geoff Birrell




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