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Pugilist Hill

Pugilist Hill


The Flinders Ranges are the largest mountain ranges in South Australia and start about 200 km north of Adelaide. They stretch for over 430 km. The Flinders Ranges are made up of sedimentary rocks that were deposited during Neoproterozoic time in a sedimentary basin called the Adelaide Geosyncline. About 500 million years ago during Palaeozoic time the basin sediments were folded and faulted by mountain building processes. The mountains have eroded away but uplift during the last five million years has exposed the folded and faulted rocks as the rugged scenery we see today.


This  image is printed on archival quality 300gsm cotton rag paper and finished with an acid free white mat; a glass window and a timber frame in a choice of three colours all ready to hang.  This image is also available as an unframed print.


Please allow 7 working days before your order can be despatched.  Allow 4 working days for delivery within Australia. Australian delivery is free.  I only ship unframed prints to customers outside of Australia. There is a flat $A30 charge for shipment of the unframed print to international customers.



  • 53x36cm print only
  • 69x46cm print only
  • 76x51cm print only
  • 91x61cm print only
  • 53x36cm framed print (frame size 77x60cm)
  • 69x46cm framed print (frame size 101x78cm)
  • 76x51cm framed print (frame size 110x85cm)
  • 91x61cm framed print (frame size 127x97cm)
PriceFrom $150.00
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